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    All News & Views
    SD-WAN and security come together like PB&J, says AT&T VP

    AT&T and Cisco are launching a new managed SASE service which brings together SD-WAN and Cisco's security portfolio.

    Dish eyes blockchain-based loyalty program for mobile, TV

    Dish Network's blockchain-based loyalty program could be used by its Boost Mobile customers and its satellite and streaming TV customers. And it could rely on a Dish-backed cryptocurrency.

    Did Dish eke out an Andromeda victory in 5G?

    Dish Network raised $5.25 billion, and suggested the money would 'finance the potential purchase of wireless spectrum.' Some analysts believe Dish might have gotten a deal in the Andromeda auction.

    Disney+ sub growth expected to rebound in 2022

    CEO Bob Chapek says an influx of new content and market expansions will re-accelerate Disney+ sub growth, but some analysts believe the streaming service needs to broaden its content scope and become more Netflix-like.

    Vodafone sets course for UK's largest full-fiber player

    On the back of wholesale deals struck with CityFibre and Openreach, Vodafone aims to pass 8 million UK homes with full-fiber by next spring.

    Nokia boasts of 'essential' 5G patents milestone

    Finnish vendor says it now has 4,000 patent families essential to 5G standards.

    Rakuten remains a poor advert for open RAN

    The Japanese firm's losses are mounting, its customer numbers are disappointing and its forecasts look dubious.

    Struum streams ahead with new credit-based SVoD service

    Following a preview in May and a recently closed $7M 'A' round, Struum has launched commercially in the US on several major streaming platforms and is starting to size up international expansion plans.

    Open RAN doubts persist as Orange unveils new Paris lab

    Integration challenges, a shortage of European specialists and the lack of support for older technologies are just a few of the problems that confront open RAN enthusiasts.

    Disney+ sub growth slows to 2.1M in Q4

    Disney ended Q4 with 179 million total subs across its direct-to-consumer streaming portfolio. Revenues climbed, losses widened and subscribers growth is still happening, but not as fast.

    FuboTV surpasses 1M subs, goes on buying spree

    Deal for Molotov SAS plants FuboTV's flag in France. Acquisition of Edisn.ai provides AI-fueled 'computer vision' tech that can recognize and track athletes, actors, products and other objects in live video feeds.

    Telia joins growing 5G SA club with Nokia

    Rollout of 5G standalone core initially deployed in Finland. Work underway to roll out core network technology in various other Telia markets, including on its home turf in Sweden.

    SKT cruises to $340M operating profit on mobile, media growth

    SK Telecom reports a 400 billion won (US$340 million) 3Q operating profit thanks to strong performances in its mobile and media businesses.

    Commerce Sec promises Fed oversight on state broadband plans

    US Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo said at a White House press briefing that closing the digital divide will be a 'massive undertaking' and shared details on oversight plans and requirements for state funding.

    Xperi pay-TV revenues dip 2% as TiVo unit nears full integration of MobiTV

    Meanwhile, Xperi, TiVo's parent company, is pushing ahead with a plan to split out its intellectual property/licensing and product businesses by middle of 2022.

    Eurobites: 5G 'pacesetters' win gold, says Ericsson study

    Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Orange opens open RAN lab; EU court upholds Google fine; Vodafone reorganizes in Africa.

    Telecom Italia embroiled in escalating boardroom row – report

    Vivendi and CPD are said to be at odds over the role of TIM's CEO amid ongoing discussions about a single fiber network.

    India addresses security concerns over mobile ecosystem

    Indian Citizens Assistance for Mobile Privacy and Security (I-CAMPS) set up to prevent cybercrimes related to weaknesses in the app and device ecosystems.

    Comcast recovers from widespread outages

    Cable operator says service disruptions were a result of a network issue, but continues to investigate the root cause.

    WeLink expands FWA in Las Vegas and Phoenix

    Company leaders wouldn’t reveal current subscriber numbers but said that they are pleased with WeLink’s performance so far.

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    Newsfeed - industry press releases, curated by our editors
    GSMA members push mmWave 5G Thursday, November 11, 2021
    OpenVault takes aim at 'speed clipping' Wednesday, November 10, 2021
    ViacomCBS cuts deal with Twitter Wednesday, November 10, 2021
    Struum lands $7M 'A' round Tuesday, November 9, 2021
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